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    Hi all πŸ‘‹,

    Just thought I would pop a comment on and introduce myself. I'm Jem and I'm part of the public social team at E.ON Next, meaning myself and my lovely team deal with all things public on our social media. We respond to all the public tweets and comments and love to share information and knowledge with as many people as we can so people understand their usage and accounts more. πŸ˜€

    I have 3 lovely pooches that I love to death but drive me mad at the same time πŸ˜‚, I also have a 3 year old too so I'm very rarely sat down and my house is also a mess 99% of the time but I wouldn't change it for the world 😊.

    A funny/interesting fact about myself is that I used to be a zookeeper and my favourite animals are Gorillas & Orangutans. I just find them absolutely fascinating and my dream would to be able to see them in their natural habitat 🦍. My absolute idol is the one and only David Attenborough, his pure passion and love for all things natural is truly remarkable.

    I'll be lurking in the background on the community but if anyone needs any help at all with anything please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the lovely community staff 😁
    β€œThe truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” - David Attenborough πŸŒΏβ€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹
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    Hi and welcome. David A...national treasure. Gotta love him!

    Love an oran too. I'm a big fan of Monkey Life and have been fortunate enough to have visited Monkey World in Dorset a couple of times too.
    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. ​​​​​​​Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    Welcome to the forum. We're mainly a pretty friendly crowd, and there are a group of five who I call the "Five Wise Men:" @retrotecchie; @meldrewreborn; @JoeSoap @Mailman and @theunknowntech. who all provide amazing advice and information to fellow users.

    I'm a fan of Sir David Attenborough too, but sometimes have to look away when the gory killing bits come on.

    I like Gorillas and Orangutans too. I used to go to Jersey quite a lot on holiday and always went to Gerald Durrell's Jersey Zoo. It's a wildlife sanctuary rather than a zoo, and they have both Gorillas and Orangutans. They had baby ones which were so cute too. πŸ¦πŸ’
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    Hey @JemS_EONNext !

    No doubt you've heard the name, but I made an intro video because otherwise this post would be 50 miles long. What do you think of this new version of it?
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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