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    Had no end of issues with my smart meter. Could someone come and replace what ever is not working.

    It was reading electric usage incorrectly and now not displaying electric at all. I guess I won't be getting a bill 👍

    Many thanks

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    Morning @Gunnie47, thank you so much for taking the time to post on our Community!

    This is a place designed for customers to help each other with their general account / supply queries - unfortunately I don't think another customer will be able to answer this question for you as we'd need to look directly into the account.

    The great news is our wonderful Digital Teams are available on Facebook & Twitter 8am-10pm 7 days a week, so I'd recommend popping us a private message on a platform of your choosing, and we will look into this for you. You can also email us on and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

    If you prefer giving us a ring, our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (although given the bank holiday this weekend the lines aren't open until Tuesday). Home related calls 0808 501 5200 Business related calls 0808 501 5699.

    Hope this helps!

    Beth :)
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    I can try to help with a quick diagnostic, but I probably don't need to do much detective work to form an initial opinion. It sounds like the meter has failed, but if you could show me some photos, that can provide more clues which I can use for the next steps. But by the sounds of things, you'll probably need an Emergency Meter Exchange if the entire meter is dead.

    Have the readings simply stopped reaching your account, or is the display on the meter itself also kaput?
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    Emails used to be acknowledged by E.On when sent to the company in the past while E.On Next doesn't do this.
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    This is probably the wrong place to post, but I have been going round and round in circles with this forum.
    I have a SMART? meter and have just got my latest electricity statement, which is for 28 days and for the usage, standing charge and VAT works out at an average of £1.92/day. According to the in home display, which shows the daily charge, only for the previous week, the average charge was £1.28 day. Does the home display include the standing charge and VAT? We were away from home for four days earlier in the month, before the readings that are available on our home display. Also, we have solar panels, which pay us a FIT from British Gas, not EON. Also, when looking at the electric meter, it gives export reading, import reading and bill. Which reading is used when calculating our bill? Any ideas of what is going on please?
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