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    seems they did not post my last thread. Dad has dementia which they no of but have answered no emails or messages about the way they running running his bill account, he gets really worried but not a response from them. They know of his illness as well which makes it even more galling. Just want to make him change to another supplier today there were about 14 different transactions on his account. Useless to say this least
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    @nwalton Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to post on the community forum. I am truly sorry that your Dad has had a poor experience with us thus far; this is by no means indicative of the standard of customer care that we endeavour to demonstrate, and I am sorry that this has been the case in this in this instance. Unfortunately this query is not something I will be able to sort out via the forum as I would need to look into your Dads account.

    You can pop us a message on Facebook/Twitter from 8am - 10pm every day or you can pop us an email to If you prefer giving us a ring, know that our lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Home related calls 0808 501 5200
    Business related calls 0808 501 5699

    Sending positive energy to you,
    Beki 🌍
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