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    So the ombudsman has a cushy job with no faults reported then. Unless you have a fetish for social media and facebook does not ignore you like it ignores my wife.
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    @silverfox55 Hey it's Beki here 👋 I think there may be some crossed wires here.

    You can go to the Ombudsman regarding your complaint, after 8 weeks or 56 days, or even sooner if we have issued you a deadlock letter. We would love the opportunity to fix the issue for you first though and our Digital teams are there 24/7 to ensure that this happens.

    I can see you have started a thread and have got some advice from @theunknowntech already, I've also popped a message there for you too. 😊
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    OK. What is a digital team ?? I think you might mean facebook or something like that.. As you will already have read that facebook ignores my wife so what is the point in going there to be ignored ?? I have a twitter account just to floow some people but what you suggest is putting account nymbers in open air and things like that ..... Also why go there to be ignored on there like facebook ?
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    Hey @silverfox55

    Sorry to hear your wife didn't get a response on Facebook, that's not how we'd usually work at all.

    Totally understand why you wouldn't want any account details published on Facebook or Twitter - we don't want that either! And if we do spot any shared publicly we always delete them to keep the customer safe.

    The only time we'd talk about account specifics is through direct messaging, that applies to Facebook, Twitter and here on our community as direct messages are private between just you and us. If you did want to send us a direct message on either Facebook or Twitter about your account, our digital team will respond directly to get things sorted for you.

    Just on the complaint point, as soon as we have located a person's account we are able to log a complaint (and backdate it to when they publicly complained if needed) which means you have all the rights covered in our complaint handling procedure.

    As Beki mentioned we can see you've been getting some great advice from one of our volunteers theunknowntech on your gas issue, but we'd be happy to look into it in more detail for you.

    Beki's recommended the digital teams, which as you've said are on Facebook or Twitter, just because they're the team that's available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you'd get a much quicker response. Here on the community it's just myself and Beki so we can't quite cover the same hours which means it might be a longer wait for a reply - but you're welcome to direct message us with your account details and we'll look into your account for you.

    There are of course other ways to get in touch too, if you scroll towards the bottom of this page you'll see the details to email or phone us

    Hope this gives you some clearer options on how to get in touch.


    Hannah - here to spread positive energy
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    Well. Following the instructions ( red button A which is actually blue and clue button B which is red)on your website to read my gas meter ended up with a large amount of frustration. In the end I was gobsmacked that despite the initial snails pace of replies and agents who did not know what they were doing, I ended up with an agent who actually had some savvy. What you need to do on your instructions is tell the customer to press button 9 and take a picture of the first figure that comes up.
    If the instructions had been better then a lot of grief could have been avoided. So please amend the gas meter instructions accordingly. Hopefully with everything crossed all seems near normal.
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    Hmm... Perhaps better still... I think I need to have a little chat with Hannah and Beki about an... Alternative way to improve that help guide...

    It's all very well to include details for the meter brands used by E.On Next, but that doesn't work very well for anyone who has something else...
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    @Landmark Thankyou so much for telling me this, I've now used Facebook to contact eonnnext and got my details sorted.
    Hi I'm Chloe, I'm new to the group. I'm looking forward to writing and reading all the Threads on here. Please drop by and say hello, I don't bite lol
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    Hey everyone. I am closing this thread so that we can direct people to the correct places and keep everything organised!

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    If you need any support please reach out to me or Hannah 😊