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  • You don't reply
    Throwing the baby (benefits) out with the bathwater (risks), when the risks can be controlled, like privacy settings to maximum, use of strong... see more
  • Imperial Gas Meter
    Bear in mind, however, the timing of your observations; i.e. since yesterday's flushing of the system, you may get an improvement in your... see more
  • You don't reply
    Why is that❔ see more
  • Imperial Gas Meter
    For a 5 - 8 year old combi boiler model this seems excessive. When was it last serviced, and what is the service history? When it was fitted, was... see more
  • Electrical supply fault?
    My brother had a problem with the council not fulfilling their obligations by failing to fully check and verifying the safety of the electrics in his... see more
  • All customers read this before posting: Important!
    Many companies are doing it this way; you could say it's the new fashion. It's the same with language, which also changes over time. If you prefer,... see more
  • Please finish my smart meter installation
    Could you please let us know here what the outcome will be to your case, I am curious, as opposed to nosey🧐 see more
  • Price
    Yes, I agree and I am sorry I overlooked the healthcare and NHS crisis, although I did hint at it because the COVID crisis is an integral part of the... see more
  • I wouldn't say no!
    If it gets any colder socks aint all you'll need. Did you know that given that 30% of body heat is lost through the head, a hat would also help... see more
  • New Year's Resolutions....
    Minimize use of electric heater Have boiler burning for shorter periods Take shorter and slightly cooler showers If my feet get cold indoors, put... see more
  • IDH
    They ***are*** obliged to send you one. Please let us know when you get it; would be nice to hear back to see how you get on with it😉 see more
  • Price
    Yes, of course they can do more! Go here to see what more they can do! see more
  • Gas prices affecting price of renewables
    The UK has not invested enough money into developing the infrastructure to to produce a reliable and cheap 100% renewable source of electricity... see more
  • 'Twas the night before Christmas
    To all with problems; don't let any delays due to bank holidays get to you. Happy new year to all😊 see more
  • Community Guidelines - take a read...
    Thanks for the guidance👍 Sometimes I need to return and review it because being human, I need reminding🙄 see more
  • Smart meter installation guidelines
    In the SMICoP guidelines it states in Chapter 2.8 (l) "safe access, (and) working conditions (and) access to the meter will be required", are... see more
  • Crazy spending £130 a WEEK electricity
    This has the potential to make you ill because it is causing you some anxiety. Therefore it is extremely important you prioritize this matter before... see more
  • Another user who cant add electric meter readings
    How long has this been going on to date? My reason for asking is because we need to determine what is a reasonable timeframe your complaint is being... see more
  • £523.80 in debt on dd payment
    If you don't like giving regular meter readings, then get a smart meter fitted assuming your home is compatible. Other than that I'm afraid the... see more
  • Refund Credit, fobbed of by Eon
    Then make an official complaint about it. Follow my instructions I gave above in this thread and you will get sorted. ​​​​​​​Have a happy new... see more
  • how to change tariff when logged in on your account
    Just follow Beth's instructions above and you will be sorted. ​​​​​​​Have a happy new year😀 see more
  • "The Holidays"!!!
    Yea, I think you have a point here; I get irritated when people write merry xmas on Christmas cards to me. Even 'Christmas' written with a small... see more
  • Smart metre
    Thank you for your answer to me, and I apologise for being easily confused. Have a happy new year😊 see more
  • Economy 7 Night Rate
    Thanks for your feedback. If there is any other query in future, don't hesitate to return here; us ordinary folk are here to share and solve any... see more
  • Refund
    Thanks for letting the forum know how you got on. Have your good self a happy and healthy new year! see more
  • how to change tariff when logged in on your account
    We don't live in a perfect world, therefore, it's no good wallowing in disappointment, knowing that there ***is*** a way of controlling your account... see more
  • Concerns re SMART
    Please check the explanation I gave to a similar issue here see more
  • Smart metre
    Are you referring to your smart gas meter, electric meter, both, or just your in home display unit or all of the same? Please note: A “meter” in... see more
  • Smart metre
    Are you referring to the in home display? see more
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