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  • What I have done differently due to price increase
    @Johns Anasa here πŸ‘‹ Thank you so much for sharing some of your energy tips and your some feedback. We love hearing all about ways to save energy... see more
  • Getting billed twice a month?
    Hey @gjonesk! Anasa here πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Community! I've had a quick look and I can see that your smart meter has just has just kicked in and has... see more
  • Ripping off
    Nash1954 Anasa here! πŸ‘‹ welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to see that there has been a lot of confusion over your account and your payments. A... see more
  • no bereavement department
    @locoste1985 Morning! Anasa here πŸ‘‹ Thank you for your feedback, you may see a few posts on here and you'll see that we have addressed the issues and... see more
  • Getting in touch... How would you do it?
    @locoste1985 and jimmyjames Morning! thank you so much for your feedback! I think its a great idea to have an option for a call back so you don't... see more
  • No statements
    Hi Liam Anasa here one of the Community Co - Ordinators, I can see that you've already had a few conversations on here about your account, The... see more
  • Where's my gas bill
    Hi @DanF! Anasa here πŸ‘‹ and thank you for getting in touch, I'm sorry to hear that you've not got a gas bill. I can't seem to locate your account. The... see more
  • Electricity bill
    Morning springer The electricity Smart side seems to have lost connection with your electricity meter and we're not able to get reads from it. I've... see more
  • Direct Debit not taken
    Marty66 You're Welcome! πŸ™‚ see more
  • Calling all Smart Pay As you Go customers!
    Star Anasa here πŸ‘‹ and welcome to The Community I'm sorry for any confusion that this has caused the maximum amount you can top up your electricity... see more
  • Cant top up
    Roxy89 Anasa here! Please don't worry if you get in touch with us via Social Media Twitter, Facebook, email or WhatApp or over the phone if you... see more
  • Direct Debit not taken
    Hi Marty66 Anasa here, I've had a quick look and can see that a payment will be taken today for you so hope that puts your mind at rest and when you... see more
  • Only Gas usage showing on my account page.
    springer Anasa here! Hope your well! I've replied to this on your other post for you! we just need some up to date reads! see more
  • 1st Bill not right
    Hi neuville49 I'm so pleased you'be been able to get in touch with someone and they are looking into this, I did reply on your other post and it... see more
  • Electricity bill
    Hi springer Anasa here! Welcome to the Community! I'm so sorry for any confusion this has caused you! don't worry there is a quick fix for this... see more
  • why does my 1st bill say smart meter reading
    Hi neuville49 Anasa here one of The Community Co - Ordinators, Welcome to the Community! Andy65 is right it could possibly be a crossed meter... see more
  • 3-phase Smart Meter installs in UK - when will they happen?
    @Tarja1 Good afternoon! Anasa here one of The Community members! a big welcome to forum! πŸ‘‹ I'm so sorry to hear that you've not been able to get your... see more
  • James
    Horton12 Hi there! Anasa hereπŸ‘‹ Welcome to the community! looks like there were some delays this morning but your credit has gone through now - any... see more
  • Bereavement
    johnnies You're welcome, I'm happy to have been able go get this sorted for you - take care πŸ™‚ see more
  • Account id creation
    Hi rajendranarware Anasa here πŸ‘‹ welcome to The Community! if you have just come over to us as a customer you'll automatically get and account ID and... see more
  • 97 year old friend
    @Hobbes1218 I can see that @Han_EONNext has sent you a private message as we need a bit more information to see why the credit has not been... see more
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