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What interests you? Being part of a community, Climate change, Sustainability
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  • EON Fit not linked
    Happy hump day bkt 🐫 The accounts may not be linked yet as you FiT account is still in migration to us therefore we cannot access it. Have you... see more
  • Bill me?
    Morning Jeomer 🌞 how's your day going? There could be lots of reasons why you haven't got a bill. Perhaps they are waiting on a meter reading,... see more
  • Incorrect Tarrif on Smart Meter
    Morning Eddy the tariff changes will take a little time to update on your IHD etc, this should update itself shortly 😊 Hannah πŸ’š see more
  • cannot log into app
    Morning Appnotworking 😊 Are you having troubles with the app today? Can you explain what is the problem. ​​​​​​​Hannah πŸ’š see more
  • Still no smart meter installed
    Evening Tim 😊 There is pleanty of reasons why we may not install a smart meter or book you in for one and I am sorry we haven't been in contact... see more
  • What are provisional charges?
    meldrewreborn I will let our team know 😊 see more
  • What are provisional charges?
    Good morning 18332 😊 We have previously been chatting about provisional charges and explained what they are, you can find the thread here. I... see more
  • Bill
    Morning Peter0 😊 Welcome to our community and you sure are in the best place to get help 😎. Please can you provide a little more detail for us so... see more
  • I think my gas and electric meters are faulty.
    Good evening Howie 😊 how are you doing? There has been some good points raised by Andy65 and meldrewreborn here to help explain things; but I do... see more
  • Reading the meter
    Good evening 48995744 😊, To submit your read please download our E.ON Next App or use our website and follow the 'submit reading' section and you... see more
  • Home move, tariff transfer
    Good evening darrenstephenson1972 😊 wecome to our lovely community πŸ’› We are happy to look into the account and transfer your tariff from the old... see more
  • SPAYG not topping up
    Evening ZoeMichyla 😊 Welecome to our community!! πŸ’— We have seen some delays in top ups hitting your meter in regards to Smart Pay As You Go... see more
  • Fit account missing
    I have just had a look and I don't think we have a email address set up on the account! Could you please pop me a message containing your account... see more
  • FIT account isn't linked
    Hey there Sharonsheep! I have sorted things for you 😎 incase you missed it, I replied to the thread found here Hannah🌍 see more
  • Fit account missing
    Good afternoon Sharonsheep 😎 Welcome to our community! We hope to have you stay around, and we are always here if you need us. Not to worry, I... see more
  • E-ON Next is putting me in debt !
    Thank you Paul3D for your lovely words to say regarding our superstar DebF_EONNext - she really is amazing isn't she! I will make to send your... see more
  • Need a new key
    Good afternoon Faryalbhatti πŸ™‚ Welcome to our Community! Great question, our Energy Specialists will be able to get a new electric key for you to... see more
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