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  • how to read SKU1 cellular
    The IHD only shows the current price per tariff per kWh, if you're on E7 you cannot see both rates at the same time, it will only show the rate that... see more
  • how to read SKU1 cellular
    Does the price per kWh on the IHD match either of the rates shown on your account or is it different? Your IHD will only ever show one number, it... see more
  • Direct Debit Hike
    I think a customer can only reduce their payment by 10% anna567 which is what has happened with you going from £171 down to £154. It's important... see more
  • how to read SKU1 cellular
    I think I've seen a similar post on here where a customer was moved to eon-next and was put onto a single rate tariff. If you log into your account... see more
  • how to read SKU1 cellular
    Your water heating stopping isn't related, your fuse board is either getting electricity or it isn't but it's worth checking your fuse board/consumer... see more
  • how to read SKU1 cellular
    The reading on your IHD is the total kWh ie the day and night rate added together, that's all it shows. On your meter I think the IMPRT is the same,... see more
  • I do not want a smart meter, how many times do you have to be told!!!!??
    This is a customer to customer Forum Lacoste1985 so you would be better off contacting eon-next Customer Services again. If you are on a fixed... see more
  • Wrong Initial Normal Meter reading
    You'll need to contact Customer Services to have this corrected Awtae as this is essentially a customer to customer forum. ​​​​​​​The suggested... see more
  • How much is acceptable credit
    I understand what you're saying Tristan73. To be honest I think that you've clouded the issue slightly by paying the £150 into your energy account.... see more
  • Tariff Renewal - Totally Wrong Quotations
    How odd PeterS. I'd suggest contacting Customer Services as E7 tariffs are available, it looks like something has gone wrong with your account anyway... see more
  • Tariff Renewal - Totally Wrong Quotations
    Hi PeterS When you log into your account and look at the tariff options, have you clicked on 'See full tariff information' for each tariff... see more
  • How much is acceptable credit
    I think last winter was milder than average so that may explain why you've built up a bit more of a surplus. Unless you keep good records of your... see more
  • Adding wife to account
    I think you will need to contact Customer Services by telephone in order to do that Timor, I suspect that your wife may need to be present as well... see more
  • No Statement
    If you're after help @Liam I'm not sure that this is the best way of going about it. I hope you get the help you're looking for. see more
  • No Statement
    I live in a 3 bed semi with 8 radiators, if there's anything else you'd like to know just ask. Enjoy your evening. see more
  • Scam Warning: Fake OFGEM emails!
    Unfortunately these days the punishment doesn't fit the crime, or isn't even punishment. A simple rule is that if it comes via email, ignore it... see more
  • No Statement
    Liam;11521]@Andy65 OK bud and I played football for England against Mars. You see the problem here is if you don't believe me, then why would I... see more
  • Maximum credit.
    greyhound I know where you're coming from, when my Dad died I found a significant amount of cash in envelopes that my Mum knew nothing about. As I... see more
  • No Statement
    I never took to the Muppets myself Liam but I did retire many years ago when I was 42. I hope that answers your last question. Whilst I totally... see more
  • Smart me display showing old tariff
    I think you might have to give PeterT_EONNext a bit of time to do what he needs to do KAYLEIGH123, it may take a day or two. see more
  • No Statement
    I've had a bill every month since I moved to to e.on-next in October 2020. Whilst you may not think it necessary Liam it seems that these days the... see more
  • How much is acceptable credit
    Hi Tristan73 If your usage is as you say, fairly static, work out your annual cost based upon your current tariff and see if your DD is sufficient... see more
  • IHD update
    Join the club Davethegreat1, you're not the only one who hasn't had their tariff pushed through to their IHD. PeterT_EONNext should pick this up and... see more
  • IHD not updated since my contract tariff changed
    My limited experience of smart meters TC15 tells me that there isn't much that's smart about them, the volume of posts on here on the subject likely... see more
  • Energy prices
    There's been a few threads on this Fr3di, here's one that may answer your question:... see more
  • Maximum credit.
    Hi greyhound I'm not sure that there's a limit on credit meters but you need to be wary of your annual review. Can you check your previous bills... see more
  • 2 bills a month
    Have you compared the two bills Quinnnn to see what the extra £16.02 is for? ​​​​​​​If you want to raise a complaint you'll need to contact... see more
  • Simple arithmetic
    Snoopy It's a sign of the times I'm afraid and common with many companies. The vast majority just read off a screen and won't, or can't check. It's... see more
  • 1st Bill not right
    I would check the meter number shown on your bill with the actual number on your meter neuville49. If it's different then they've clearly crossed... see more
  • why does my 1st bill say smart meter reading
    Hi neuville49I'd suggest contacting Customer Services as it sounds like your account has been crossed with another. If you can't get through on the... see more










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